Blanking Panels, Curtains, and you!

Blanking Panels

What is a blanking panel?
A blanking panel is a ~19" wide by 1.75" piece of plastic that can clip into the rail-holes of our cabinets, and they are usually black.

Why do you have blanking panels?
We preload every cabinet with blanking panels to prevent cold air from leaking through the cabinet to the hot row. This drastically improves cooling in the datacenter, making your servers run cooler -- and happier! 

What should I do with blanking panels?
If you install some equipment and have blanking panels left over, please leave them in the fishbowl, the office area, or near the entrance to the datacenter -- or bring them to us on the 2nd floor! Our technicians regularly keep an eye for blanking panels, and will collect them if we see them.

How do I get more blanking panels?
Thank you for wanting to keep your cabinet blanked out and cool -- we, and your neighbors, appreciate it! When you need panels, please just let us know: put in a ticket, call us, however you'd like, and one of our stuff will come provide panels or arrange to install them for you. Thanks!


You may notice that there are clear curtains on the end of every row in the datacenter. These curtains help to keep the hot air from the hot row from mixing with the cold air -- which is reserved for the servers! The curtains also help duct the hot air up into the ceiling plenum, so that it can be cooled down by our air handlers.

You will need to pass through the curtains to get access to the rear of your cabinet. We appreciate you being gentle and careful with the curtains while passing through them. If they get unsightly, go askew, or if you see something wrong with 'em, please just let us know and we will take care of it!

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