Building Access Policy

Building Access - Colorado Springs
The Alamo building at 102 S. Tejon St. has normal business hours of 7:30am until 6:00pm, and the outside doors are unlocked at this time.

After those hours, the building is locked, and an access badge is required to open the building's outside doors.

Building Access - Philadelphia
The PHL01 and PHL02 datacenters does not have open access, and requires a badge or remote buzz in at all times. If you do not have a badge but require access, please coordinate this with the Data102 support staff. Access to the exterior of the building can be gained from the 24th street / west side via a callbox; use the menu to ring data102/quonix, and you will be connected to our support team.

Colocation Access Policy - All Locations

1/2 Cabinet or More
Colocation customers who purchase 1/2 cabinet or more are automatically granted 24/7, unescorted access to their equipment. Your access badge will open the building's exterior doors and allow you to park in the garage outside of business hours. Your access badge will also allow you into the appropriate Data102 datacenter's interior and exterior doors when presented.

If you have purchased a half cabinet or more and need an access badge, please send an email to requesting your cabinet key and access badge and one of our technicians will work with you to get your 24/7 access setup. 

Less than 1/2 Cabinet
Escorted access is available Monday through Friday, 8am-6pm at no charge. Should you require access after hours, please contact the Data102 support team and our on-call technician will assist you. Note that after-hours access may require a trip charge.

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