BGP General & Community information

General BGP Information
1. Data102 accepts up to a /24 on all announcements, and filters aggressively.
    a. this excludes Real-Time Blackhole routes, which can be sent ONLY as a /32.

2. BGP updates can be slow, and it can take up to a minute for new routes to appear on things.

3. Looking glasses are your friend!

4. We filter out any announcements for private IP space (bogons).

5. We apply hard limits to the number of routes that a customer can send us, dependent upon observed history.

Communities Applied at Ingress

Route Types
 33302:1200 - customer routes
 33302:450 - customer primary routes (single+dual-peer)
 33302:400 - customer secondary routes (dual-peer only)
 33302:200-250 - exchange routes
 33302:150 - transit routes

 33302:2001 COS01
 33302:2002 COS02
 33302:2003 COS03
 33302:2004 DEN01
 33302:2005 LAX01

Important Notes On Customer Communities

1. Data102 will accept exactly one community per prefix.
2. Communities match in the following order, and are NOT additive - first match will apply the policy and exit:
     1. Real-time black hole (only accepts /32)
     2. No-Export (up to /24)
     3. Prepend 1 (up to /24)
     4. Prepend 2 (up to /24)
     5. Prepend 3 (up to /24)
     6. Default customer-allow (up to a /24)
3. If your communities do not match the community-list specified, with a single entry, your communities will be stripped.

Available Customer-Specified Communities

33302:666 Real Time Blackhole (only accepts /32)
65000:0 no-export, do not send to transits, customers only
65000:XXXX Do not announce routes at all to AS XXXX
65001:0 Prepend 1x to all AS
65001:XXXX Prepend 1x to AS XXXX
65002:0 Prepend 2x to all AS
65002:XXXX Prepend 2x to AS XXXX
65003:0 Prepend 3x to all AS
65003:XXXX Prepend 3x to AS XXXX

Modifiable Transit AS List
In the table above, the XXXX represents the ASN to which you can modify your traffic profile. Current supported transit ASNs are:
174 - Cogent
209 - CenturyLink
3356 - Level3

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