DNS and Name Servers

Data102 operates both authoritative and recursing/resolving name servers.

Authoritative Name Servers

If you are hosting a domain with Data102, you will need to work with your registrar to configure your domain to use the following servers:
RolenamealiasIP Address
Primary Authoritative auth1.data102.com ns1.data102.com
Secondary Authoritative auth2.data102.com ns2.data102.com

Recursive/Resolving Name Servers

These servers can be used to provide DNS resolution for your computers, servers, users, or as a DNS forward for your name server. These servers are very fast, and provide a reliable, on-net DNS resolving option. We use 'em, you should too!
RolenameIP Address
Primary Recursor rec1.data102.com
Secondary Recursor rec2.data102.com
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