Speed test with Data102

Data102 is a proud speedtest.net partner. You can run your speedtest to Data102 in three different ways - via speedtest.net, a direct speedtest webpage, or with iperf.

Test via Speedtest.net

- Point your browser to "https://www.speedtest.net"
- On the map, find and select Colorado Springs
- On the pop-up, select Data102
- Watch your test go!

Data102 speedtest

Test Directly via webpage

- Point your browser to http://speed.data102.com/
- Hit Begin Test, and watch it go!

Data102 Direct Speedtest


Testing with iperf

Data102's dedicated speedtest server also runs an iperf2 and iperf3 server for you test against.

Protocol Supported TCP Only
iperf2 ports 5000-5009 (10 daemons listening)
iperf3 ports 5200-5209 (10 daemons listening)

** Note: the iperf daemons restart every hour on the hour to ensure they are running.

Here is an example iperf3 run, connecting to our speedtest server on port 5201.
root@hostname#  iperf -c speed.data102.com -p 5201

Data102 iperf speed test

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