Time Intervals - Setup & Use


To reach the Time Intervals Management page, access the Unified Communications option in the side menu and click on the Time Intervals option under the Assets area. 

This page has options that allow you to:

  • visualize the existing matching intervals
  • define a new interval
  • search the time intervals list
  • edit an existing time interval
  • remove unused time intervals

Add Time Interval

Time intervals are used on call filtering, call routing, charging plans, etc. When a new account is created, it can have a charging plan associated to it and time intervals will be used to set up that charging plan. The account is charged differently based on the call time interval.

To add a new time interval, follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Click the Add Time Interval icon in the Tools section.

STEP 2: Fill in the required information grouped into several sections.

Time Interval Definition

This area sums up all the generic details related to a time interval.

Option Details
Name A descriptive name for the time interval.
Matching algorithm

Calls can be matched to an existing time interval depending on the algorithm:

  • Individual days – Calls are matched to this time interval if they are made or received in different days, within the time frame set in the Matching Intervals section.
  • Interval – Calls are matched to this time interval if they are made or received within a continuous time frame that extends over several days.

Please read the Matching Algorithm details below for exemplification.

Time zone Select the time zone in which your time interval is defined.
Default value: Server default.
This information is also displayed in the time intervals list, next to the interval's name.
In the description of a charging plan, this information is listed in the Charges for Outgoing Calls area.

Matching Intervals

This area allows you to define the limits of the time interval.

Option Details
Start at hour and End at hour Specify the hours that mark the time interval limits.
Start weekday and End weekday Select the days of the week that mark the time interval limits.
Start day of month and End day of month Select the days of the month that mark the time interval limits.
Month Select the month that defines the time interval. If you want this time interval to be applied for all the months, select '-'.

: Use the +/- buttons to add/remove several time interval limits at a time.

: Click OK to confirm settings.

To go back to the previous page without adding anything, click Cancel.

You can enter up to ten different time interval limits to a single time interval.

Matching Algorithm

Here you can find some examples for the different settings you can choose in the matching algorithm drop-down box.

In the time interval below, MagnaVoIP matches the calls made or received between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM, on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, between the 1st and the 25th of March.

To edit a time interval, apply the same steps as above.

Search for Time Interval

The system allows you to filter the list of existing time intervals using their name. Just enter the name of the interval in the text box located above the table and click the Search button.

The system remembers the search criteria when a new search is performed and even after the user logs out.

Remove Time Interval

To remove a certain time interval, follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Select the interval from the table and click the Remove selected link on top of the table.

STEP 2: To finalize it, select the Confirm removal checkbox and click OK.

To return to the previous page without removing the time interval, click Cancel.

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