Creating Anonymous Call Verification

Creating Anonymous Call Verification

Some users may not want people calling them that don't automatically identify themselves via caller ID. One option is to drop all calls from people whose caller ID names come in as "anonymous". Another option is to make the person identify themselves and then have the answering party accept the user before putting the call through. Both options are done using some simple changes inside MagnaVoIP's Inbound Call Routing feature.

In most large MagnaVoIP call routing designs, an extension is created to handle all inbound calls, which is typically an IVR or call queue. In this case you would create two Phone Terminal extensions, one for processing inbound calls and another that a handset will register to.

In the above example, the Features extension will process the calls and the Extension extension will answer the call.

Inside Features -> Incoming Call Rules, there needs to be two rules created: the first to handle anonymous calls and the second to handle all other calls.

The above example is for handling ANONYMOUS CALLS. The important attributes of the anonymous rule is that calls are being Transferred To the second extension when CallerID is anonymous, that the PBX asks for the caller's name before connecting, and that the rule doesn't call the Features extension afterwards. When tested, you will find that the caller is asked for their name and then the answering extension must approve the person before the call will connect.

To build the secondary rule to pass on every other call, simply build the same anonymous rule but change the CallerID setting to Is Any, and Do Not Ask for a name. When placed after the initial anonymous rule, the PBX will check for an anonymous caller and when it doesn't find one it will pass the call on to the extension without asking for a confirmation.
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