SPF, Whitelists and You

Are you getting an error that a whitelisted sender is ignored due to SPF fail, maybe like this?

2015-04-21T16:20:13.137885-06:00 mx1 CanIt[12076]: t3LMK7p3012615: Sender whitelist on XYZ123@ABC456.com ignored due to SPF fail

This problem is presenting because the sending domain, ABC456.com, has SPF 
records published. The sending server in this case, however, does not conform to those published SPF records. That is bad. The sender (in this case, ABC456.com) needs to be notified that their SPF records are broken! They are probably having a lot of problems with this kind of thing.

That said, you can solve this problem! 
  1. Log into DirectMX
  2. Switch to the right realm, if you have multiple realms
  3. Click on "Preferences" at the top
  4. Click on "Quarantine Settings" on the left.
  5. The settings you are after:
  • S-910 Ignore domain whitelist on SPF fail 
  • S-915 Ignore domain whitelist on SPF softfail 
  • S-920 Ignore sender whitelist on SPF fail 
  • S-925 Ignore sender whitelist on SPF softfail 
You will probably want to set those 4 settings to "No". Hit save, boom, you're good!
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