Inbound 719 call issues (Reported)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Server -
  • At 21:51 MST Data102 saw multiple PRIs from our Colorado Springs local carrier to down simulatenously. This temporarily impacts inbound calling to 719 numbers on that trunk group.

    Data102 is in contact with the upstream provider and is working for a speedy remedy.

    ** Update: 10:21pm: All of the PRIs are back up and appear to be functioning normally.

  • Date - 09/03/2018 21:51
  • Last Updated - 09/03/2018 22:30
nimbus1 cloud platform network connectivity (Reported)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Server - Nimbus VPS
  • Data102's nimbus platform experienced a partial switch feailure at 15:25:27MST. Network connectivity was fully restored at ~15:31:49. Due to partial switch failure impacting storage availability, some Windows virtual machines automatically rebooted. No Linux-based server appears to have been impacted.

    Data102 is assessing every server to ensure their operation at this time. Data102 will evaluate the switch failure and remedy accordingly.

  • Date - 08/24/2018 15:24 - 08/24/2018 15:31
  • Last Updated - 08/24/2018 16:05
Upstream connectivity issues (In Progress)
  • Priority - Critical
  • Affecting Other - Cogent transit
  • Over the last few hours we have observed some issues with our Cogent uplink, including heavy packet loss. We are temporarily removing Cogent from our transit mix at this time.

    ** Update 15:34 **
    We believe we have isolated and repaired the packet loss issues we have been seeing with Cogent and, after monitoring, have returned the network to full service.

  • Date - 08/07/2018 08:05
  • Last Updated - 08/07/2018 15:36
Upstream connectivity flap 2018-03-21 @ 21:43 (Reported)
  • Priority - High
  • Affecting Other - Network Services
  • Data102 saw our BGP sessions with Level3 this evening fail around 21:43, 21:48, and 21:52 MST. Our logs and routers indicate that the BGP hold timer failed. We have opened ticket a ticket with Level3 for more information as to what occurred – we did not observe any other BGP flaps, router reloads or other issues, just Level3 flapping on both v4 and v6.

  • Date - 03/21/2018 21:48
  • Last Updated - 03/21/2018 22:23