Softphone - Windows - X-lite

Step 1: Gather information for each user.
Each user has a set of credentials which will be needed to configure each phone.
For each phone that you are configuring, obtain the following:
  • SIP Username or extension number (1234*123 format)
  • SIP Password
  • Domain - usually
  • You can find this information in the Extension details page

Step 2: Configure your X-Lite software settings. 

     When you first load the device you'll be informed there is no account information and provided a link to set up your account. On subsequent attempts to set up the software, you will need to locate the "Softphone Menu -> Account Settings" option.

     Enter the following information from Step 1 above:

  • Account name - anything you like
  • User ID - Your extension number (e.g. 1234*123)
  • Domain - your domain
  • Password - your password

  • Be sure that "Register with domain and receive calls" under "Domain Proxy" is checked.

Step 3. Confirm that your phone is registered.

  • You should have a green checkbox marked "Available"
  • In the web portal, under extensions you should see "registered"

You should now be able to place and receive calls.!


If you can successfully register but are having trouble with audio - either sending or receiving:

  • Click the "Topology" tab, and set the first selector for "Firewall traversal method" to "None"


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