Softphone - Windows - MicroSIP

Download MicroSIP from the download URL:


Install the application, according to the normal installation routine.


Once installed, start MicroSIP (Start -> MicroSIP -> MicroSIP)


Once started, configure your client:

1. Click “Menu” -> “Add Account”

2. On the screen the pops up, you will need to fill in only a few boxes:


  • Account Name – your full account number “XXXX*NNN”
  • SIP Server –
  • User * - same as your account name, “XXXX*NNN”
  • Domain* - set to “”
  • Password – set to your extension password


3. Click “Save” and you should see a green “Online” box at the bottom of your softphone.

 Micro SIP setup

** The default ringtone is pretty aggressive, you can change it by clicking on “Menu->Settings” and at the very top next to the “Ringing Sound” option, click the “…” to select a different sound file on your computer; the included “ringin2.wav” is a bit better than the default!

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