Adding a Queue to Magnavoip

HOW to add a queue to Magnavoip with 5 agents and a queue of 5 callers


1) Add a new client, say client X,  and assign him a charging plan

2) Under “Roles and Phone Numbers”, assign him 5 phone extension and 1 queue extension

3) Create 5 phone terminal extensions for client X and assign him a charging plan

4) Create 1 “queue” called Queue X  for client X

5) Click Client > Client X > Queue X > Queue setup

a. Set queue size to 5

b. Set call distribution algorithm to ring all

c. Assign Queue X an incoming number

d. Tweak other settings if desired

e. Click ok

6) Click Client > Client X > Queue X > Queue agents

a. Click add local agent and add all 5 agents one at a time


Thats it! Now clients will call your single incoming number and all 5 phones will ring and you will have a queue of 5 callers to catch the overflow.

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