Conference Rooms - setup & use

How Can Scheduled Conferences Be Used?

Where Can these Conferences Be Used and Why Are They Useful?

The conference type extension was redesigned to accept scheduled conferences, to allow better control and to provide new features.

The provided features are:


  1. Conferences can be started/stopped at specified times.

  2. Connecting to the conference is allowed without a PIN entry.

  3. External users can connect to a conference without a PIN entry (open a chat room).


How to Add a 'Conference' Type Extension

To add a conference type extension, follow the steps below:

  1. Select the client you want to create the extension for

  2. Click the Add extension icon.

  3. Fill in the required fields.

  4. Select the Conference extension type and click OK.

  5. Set the permissions and limits for the conference extension or leave them as they are and click OK.

  6. Set the Conference room size to allow as many users at a time in a conference as you want.

  7. If you want some music to be played while a user that is already connected waits for the other members to connect, select theEnable music on hold check box.

  8. The options from the Conference Details section are:

    1. Close the conference when all conference moderators exit - If this option is enabled, the conference will be ended when the conference moderators hang up. Else, the conference will continue after their exit.

    2. Announce user count on joining conference - If this option is enabled, the system will announce the number of users in the conference.

    3. Announce users joining/leaving - If this option is enabled, the system will announce when an user joins/leaves the conference.

  9. When finished, click OK to create the extension.

How to Schedule a Conference

Open the conference extension page, click the Scheduled conferences icon and follow the next steps:

  1. Click the Schedule a new conference icon.

  2. Fill in a name for this conference.

  3. Set the administrator's PIN.

  4. If you want the participants to enter a PIN in order to connect to the conference, set the Participant PIN. Else, leave it blank.

  5. Set the conference room size (how many people can join this conference).

  6. Select the conference type:

    1. One time - This conference will be scheduled to take place one time at the set date and time (as a scheduled meeting).

    2. Anytime - This conference is always available.

    3. Recurring - This conference will be scheduled to take place between the start and the end hours of the selectedWeekday, Day of the month or Month.

  7. Set conference details, like:

    1. Play a sound before connecting to the conference.

    2. Enable music on hold.

    3. Set announcements.

How to Connect to a Scheduled Conference from Outside the System

The external users can call the conference's public number in order to connect. Its extension will play a welcome sound and ask for the conference number. The caller has to enter the number followed by the "#" key. If the participants are required to enter a PIN, they will have to provide it. If the caller doesn't have the PIN, he will not be able to attend the conference and will have to wait until the PIN entry times out.

How to Connect as Admin or as a Member

To connect as an admin, enter the administrator's PIN when prompted.

During a conference, its administrator has access to the following functions:

  1. Invite - Invites another extension to the conference. For this purpose, dial:

    *8EXT_NUMBER#, where EXT_NUMBER is the extension's short number.

  2. Kick/Quit gracefully - Kick users out of the conference:

    *30# - Quits gracefully all users except the member entering the command.

    *31# - Kicks the last user who joined the conference.

    *32# - Kicks all users except the member who entered the command.

  3. Lock/Unlock - Prevents new users from joining an in progress conference:

    *21# - Locks the conference.

    *20# - Unlocks the conference.

  4. Mute/Unmute - Mutes the other participants:

    *11# - Mutes all members except the one who typed the command.

    *10# - Unmutes all members except the one who typed the command.

To connect as a member enter the participant's PIN (if any) when prompted.

Regular conference members have access to the following functions:

  1. 1 - Switches between Mute and Unmute.

  2. 2 - Enables and disables the On Hold functionality.

  3. 6 - Turns announcement sounds ON/OFF.

  4. 7 - Turns the volume DOWN.

  5. 9 - Turns the volume UP.

How to View/Modify Conferences in O-Tel Reseller Portal

To see the scheduled conferences, go to the chosen extension and check the Scheduled Conferences section.

To modify a scheduled conference, select the extension to which the scheduled conference belongs to. Click the Scheduled conferences button and than the name of the conference you want to modify.

To remove a conference, select the extension to which the scheduled conference belongs to. Click the Scheduled conferences button. Select the conference you want to delete from the list and click the Remove selected link.

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