FreePBX / Asterisk

Configuring your FreePBX to work with MagnaVoIP requires three things: a trunk, an outbound route with dial rules, and incoming routes.

1. Setup the Trunk.
Your Trunk or Peer should have the following trunk settings, which you should adjust based on your configuration. This is for a FreePBX Trunk.

Outgoing Settings
Trunk Name: MagnaVoIP

Peer Details


Incoming Settings
[should be blank]

Register String :


In all examples, your $ACCOUNTNUMBER should be in the format "00NN*NNN".

2. Outbound Route with Dial Rules
Data102's MagnaVoIP SIP Service uses e.164-compliant dialing, which means that we transmit all phone calls with the syntax of +1-NPA-NXX-XXXX, for example +17193870000. The "+1" indicates the domestic USA, where +44 indicates England (for example).

You probably can't dial a "+" so it's important that your PBX, endpoint, or other device modify the dialed number before transmitting it to us. To accomplish this in FreePBX, make an outbound route with the following configuration - the one indicated is for Colorado Springs, CO, with area code 719 (you should modify this as appropriate for your locale):

FreePBX e164 Dial Plan

3. Inbound Routes
MagnaVoIP sends calls to your endpoint in e.164 format as well -- if your number is 719-555-1234, we will send your PBX a call aimed at "+17195551234". This means that your inbound routes also need to have a +1 in front of them, as below:

FreePBX Inbound e164 routes

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