Blocking outgoing calls

To block an outgoing code for your client, you need to create an outgoing call rule.

  1. Click on client account
  2. Click on Outgoing Routing Groups
  3. Add an outgoing routing group
  4. Give it a description name
  5. You need to block all calls to +1719 codes, so you select 'block'
  6. in the number box, you enter "+1719X."
  7. For the full month, select as required
  8. Coming from "."         (enter the dot ONLY for all numbers, or select code as below)
  9. Similarly, if you want to block international calls, in the 'number' block, you would type  "+44." for London, or "+1264X." for antigua/barbados.


You can specify any combination of the digits 0-9 and the characters '.' , '*'.

The number entry supports the Asterisk number matching. You can enter a basic regular expression containing:

  • X - matches any digit from 0-9.

  • Z - matches any digit form 1-9.

  • N - matches any digit from 2-9.

  • [] - matches any digit or letter in the brackets.

  • * - matches 0, 1 or any number of the previous expression.

  • . - matches one or more characters.

For example:

  • Number 0. will match any number starting with 0.

  • Number 1X[123]N will match any number starting with 1, followed by any digit between 0 and 9, followed by 1,2 or 3 and followed by any digit between 2 and 9.

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