11 - Other Handy Functions

Other Functions



*11 - activate/deactivate Password Protection

MagnaVoIP allows you to block/activate an extension using a protection password. This feature offers you the possibility to block the access to the phone terminal for a certain period of time, for example when you are

away from the office. If the terminal is blocked, it cannot be used for answering/ placing calls.

The password protection must first be activated from the MagnaVoIP web interface, using the controls specified in the Phone Terminal properties page. After defining a password, you will be able to block/activate the

phone terminal using its key pad by dialling *11 and, afterwards, the password. If the terminal is blocked and the extension's voicemail feature is enabled, then all the incoming calls will be redirected to voicemail.


*22 – interrogate the Company Directory

If you want to call a person and you do not know his name, dial *22 from your extension. You will be asked for the person’s name. If the person name can be found in the directory, you will be directed automatically to his/her extension.

The person you wish to contact can choose to hide from the Company Directory, in which case you cannot find him in the directory.


Diagnostic Extension

*011 – call the diagnostic extension

The diagnostic extension is a special extension where the system administrator can find out details about several server parameters. To access this extension you must dial *011.

MagnaVoIP announces the values of the following parameters:

• The server load in the last 5 minutes

• The existence of binary registered channels and binary calls in progress

• The 1Cloud Session uptime

• The system uptime

• The used memory and the free memory


*66 - Dial the last missed call

In MagnaVoIP, a phone terminal extension can contact the last missed call by dialing *66.


*85/*65 Activate/deactivate Anonymous for outgoing calls

A phone terminal extension can activate the Anonymous feature for outgoing calls by dialing *85. To deactivate it and stop placing calls as Anonymous, dial *65.


Help Message

*000 – listen a help message from your provider

In order to listen to a help message from your provider, you can dial *000 from your extension phone keypad.


System Test

*52 – echo test

If you want to test the extension’s connection with the server, you can dial *52 from your extension phone keypad. Everything you speak in the phone will be replied back. This is very useful, if you want to test the latency of the

connection to the MagnaVoIP server.

Phone Services

*94 – listen the Date/Time

In order to find out the Day and Time of the MagnaVoIP server, dial *94 from your extension phone keypad. This may not be your local time due to the differences in the time zone.

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